Dark Model Releases New Production Project

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Dark Model is a new project coming from award winning music producer Tatsuya Oe, who also producers under the name DJ Captain Funk.

The New York based artist is branding the new genre of music described as "orchestral electronic music", and is hitting listeners and audiences with the unique and eclectic sound from his self-titled debut album release.

'Dark Model' was released in mid-May, and has since been gaining the likes of many in the electronic music industry, being described as "dark, symphonic and crafted to give the listener an experience, not just to make them dance." The sound is similar to that of The Glitch Mob, Nero and Hans Zimmer.

This isn't Dark Model's first time at the industry rodeo, though. The music producer, who grew up in Japan, has opened up for huge artists throughout the years including David Bowie and Kraftwerk, and has collaborated with over 200 artists in the industry - James Brown, Diana Ross, Chic, Simon Lebon - just to name a few.

He has produced hundreds upon hundreds of music related works, but decided in 2012 to launch his new Dark Model project.

The music from the project has been featured onscreen in a variety of movie and television trailers, as well as commercials.

Listening to Dark Model's debut release really put me in a state of trance. His music does exactly what he wanted it to do, and that's to build and tell a story.

The music is something unlike any other type of electronic music I am used to listening to, but I loved the uniqueness of the sound, mixed with traditional Japanese cultural music as well.

Watch the video for Dark Model's track "Fate" below, and for more information and updates on the orchestral electronic music producer, be sure to visit www.darkmodelmusic.com.