Twitter Reacts: J. Cole '2014 Forest Hills Drive' Album, Is It His Best Yet?

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The release day is finally here for J. Cole's "2014 Forest Hills Drive" album and the response from the fans on Twitter has been amazing.

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Last week the morality in downloading the album illegally after it leaked was the topic of discussion all over Twitter. Some fans believed that downloading it before its release takes away from what Cole has managed to create.

Others agreed that while they would download it, they would also be purchasing the album because of their belief in J. Cole and the fact that the album is just amazing.

This album stands at the top of the totem pole in the discussion for hip-hop album of the year. Cole and Logic have managed to be the two artists this year that created genuine works of art with their albums.

"2014 Forest Hills Drive" shows Cole's struggles, triumphs and failure as an artist and puts it into an easy and refreshing perspective for his fans.

With all the hype surrounding it the praise is well deserved as he delivers his best body of work in quite some time.

"Born Sinner" was by no means a bad album but "2014 Forest Hills Drive" is just better and its a staple for any hip-hop fan.

You can stream the album below following some fan tweets. Also vote on whether or not this is Cole's best album yet below; comment if you don't.

Check out some of the fans reactions on Twitter:

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