Gunplay & YG Collaborate On New Track 'Wazhanindoe'

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Over the past couple of weeks Gunplay has released music pretty sporadically and today he returns with a new track titled, "Wazhanindoe" featuring West Coast rapper YG.

(Audio Below)

"Wazhanindoe" features a heavy West Coast influenced beat by DJ Mustard and energetic verses from Gunplay and YG as the detail a typical day riding around in their hood. They address gang violence, cruising for "thots" and showing off their money.

It's braggadocios in every manner of the word but the hook featuring the clever title is extremely catchy. "Wazhanindoe" will translate to "what's happening though," for those who are really perplexed by the title of the track.

YG's addition to this track is necessary as he along with Tyga are responsible for rhyming over the West Coast style beats so it's only right that he hops on a track produced by DJ Mustard.

Gunplay recently appeared on Snootie Wild's "Guns" (fitting isn't it?) released earlier last week and also released his own track titled, "Tell 'Em Daddy," in March.

For Gunplay fans this could mean a project somewhere down the line but for now they can check out "Wazhanindoe" below.

Listen to "Wazhanindoe" below.