Aiden Jude Releases 2nd Single

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Amidst all his success Aiden Jude has sparked quite the debate online, are producers getting younger?

Steve Aoki has given his nod of approval to 13-year-old producer Elle Morgan and Tiesto has taken 9-year-old DJ Kai under his wing, who is also the resident DJ for NYC based dance party Fuzipop, an event that is exclusively for kids 6-12. In this digital age kids are trading legos and leap frogs for CDJs and Abelton.

Joining the conversation have been staples in the dance community like Deadmau5, Funtcase, and Inspector. Undoubtedly producers are getting younger but we like for the music to speak for itself.

A little over a month ago Aiden Jude made his debut with, "Tonight," which topped the Beatport Electro Charts at the #30 spot. Not long after his release, speculations of a ghost producer began running rampant.

Aiden shared his two cents on the matter in an exclusive interview with Vice Thump, in which he simply states, "it's not true." While skeptics took to twitter to respond to the release of his single, Aiden took to the decks and played a string of shows in Los Angeles at top clubs like The Attic, The Supperclub, and Lure.

Not wasting any time after his performances, Aiden turned around and released a heavy remix package of "Tonight," which featured a diverse representation of subgenres with acts like Ming, Suraci & Laera, and Venz providing their fresh interpretations.

Though still in school, Aiden has not taken any time off from the studio (after he has finished his homework first, of course.) Just last week Aiden premiered his second release, "Everybody In Da House," (Released via Crowd Records May 19th) which is a fun Melbourne Bounce track that implores you to dance. In this song, Aiden makes his first vocal appearance, which can be heard in the title hook of the song.

For this effect, Aiden recorded his vocals at a faster rate and then slowed and pitched them down to achieve the vocal effect. Currently this song is at the #36 spot on the Beatport Electro charts and climbing.