Have You Heard Chris Brown's 'Gangsta Way' Ft. French Montana?

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When Chris Brown announced that his upcoming album will be titled, "Royalty," fans went insane. Now a new track from Brown titled, "Gangsta Way" featuring French Montana surfaces and it's pretty hot.

(Audio Below)

"Gangsta Way" was uploaded to the TeamBreezy Soundcloud page last night and is now finding it's way across the internet.

There is no word as to whether or not the track is a song from the upcoming "Royalty" album but it sure sounds like it could make the cut on a Chris Brown project for sure.

It's got deeply rooted R&B sounds as Brown sings about riding around the block all the day and having his heart in the streets.

French Montana takes a crack at singing using a bit of autotune to help the cause. He also breaks into a verse about being in the streets and living a life many wouldn't understand.

Montana spends most of the time rapping about being with his girl and having her right by his side as the money, cars and success rolls in.

It's a smooth track that takes a softer spin on the "Gangsta Way." Brown recently got a lot of reactions from fans after getting a tattoo on the back of his head.

Tattoo madness aside, "Gangsta Way" might be his next R&B radio hit.

Listen to "Gangsta Way" by Chris Brown ft. French Montana below.