Jodeci Is Back With 'Nobody Wins' Featuring B.o.B. After 18 Years Off

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The legendary R&B group Jodeci returns with a brand new track titled, "Nobody Wins," featuring B.o.B.

(Audio Below)

The song fits the modern day styling of R&B with the classic Jodeci twist. This is the first new song in 18 years according to Rolling Stone.

"You can fall into the trap that a lot of artists fall into by just putting records out there because fans are excited and start tarnishing your legacy and body of work you've created," Davlin "Mr.

Dalvin" DeGrate, member of the group, told Rolling Stone. "People waited all these years for some quality music - not just throwing music out there."

B.o.B.'s contribution to the song is solid as he raps about some of the problems that can reveal themselves in a relationship.

Jodeci further expresses the notion that "Nobody Wins" in a relationship when the two individuals fight and argue.

It is a clean song that relates to many relationships today and reminds couples to take the opposite approach to working out their differences.

Listen to "Nobody Wins" featuring B.o.B.