Where Has Hopsin Been?

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Ten months ago, Hopsin put out a song called 'Hop is Back', clearly understanding that people where wondering where he was.

Hopsin was signed to Ruthless Records in 2007, and much like Tyler The Creator, Hopsin plays off of strangeness and strong visuals.

Hopsin's first success came with the song 'Sag My Pants', and he really broke out into mainstream success with his album Knock Madness which gained critical success in 2013.

Since then, Hopsin has been largely out of the news and faded a bit from everyone's minds.

Luckily, we are here to fill you in. He has been creating a series of new songs entitled 'Ill Mind Of Hopsin' and are titling them in numerical order. They are quite popular on YouTube, re-affirming his continued popularity. He is an avid Twitter and Instagram user posting mostly about his travels (recently through Europe).

He has been on a major tour that comes to an end on October 25 in Iceland. So maybe Hopsin has been largely out of the spotlight in the U.S, but he is a very big star in other parts of the world.

And that is strongly backed up by his YouTube views.

So technically Hopsin never really went anywhere. He is consistently putting out music and looking quite buff when performing, but then again not the scary buff of say, Dr.

Dre (yikes). Hopsin's latest song 'Ill Mind Of Hopsin 7' is nearing 7 million views on YouTube in just 1 month. So he may not be all over the news, but he seems to be doing just fine.