Kid Cudi Fans Are Still Raving About 'The Frequency'

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It's only been five days since the release of Kid Cudi's latest track "The Frequency" and fans can't seem to get enough. The new track was a surprise cut for Cudi and it's already got fans wondering what's next.

"The Frequency" is the newest offering from Cudi with production credits to Plain Pat and Mike Dean. If you know anything about Cudi's earlier career you know that Plain Pat was one the first producers on the scene.

Along with Emile, Plaint Pat was the man who helped put together one of the arguably greatest debut mixtapes of all time in A Kid Named Cudi. "The Frequency" has a ton of similarities when it comes to A Kid Named Cudi however, it also features a new wave production that matches Cudi's awesome verses.

"The Frequency"

The Man on The Moon III rumors are already circulating but there has yet to be a concrete confirmation on the project. Cudi, Plain Pat and Mike Dean were also in the studio with Kanye West, working on his new album Turbo Grafx 16, scheduled for this summer. Cudi doesn't like when critics try to split his art up in a genre of rock or hip-hop or labeling it at all for that matter.

So, we won't do that. Instead we'll let the fans reaction to the new track speak for itself. Hopefully there is plenty more where "The Frequency" came from.

What fans are saying about "The Frequency"