Howard Stern Did Not Like Oprah's Speech Last Night, And He's Not Afraid To Say It

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This morning, while everyone in the country has been talking about how great Oprah is, and discussing the potential of her running for president in 2020, Howard Stern has a message.

"I don't want to also be lectured by f---in Oprah," he said on his radio show this morning.

In discussing the Golden Globes, Stern and his co-hosts got into the subject of the Golden Globe awards and tore into Oprah. "Don't get on TV and go on and on," he remarked about Oprah's speech.

Stern noted that the Golden Globes focus on "me too" was lost on the viewers. The guys watching it, he said, were not watching the Golden Globes. "They're watching the hockey game," he noted.

Stern was also upset about how everyone was kissing up to Oprah. He said that he told his staff that they need to start talking about him the way people talk about Oprah.

"That Oprah...I think she thinks she's Maya Angelou," he continued. Robin meanwhile said that she couldn't watch the show because it was so annoying.

Then they discussed Reese Witherspoon, and her obsequious praise for Oprah. Witherspoon spent nearly a minute discussing how Opera's "hugs could solve world peace...when she hugs you it's the greatest thing ever."

Stern joked, "Fred told me if you smell Oprah's chair when she gets up, it smells like apple pie." He then went into a joking speech about Oprah: "Oprah, whose breast milk could cure leprosy...Oprah did something so amazing -- she took her finger and dug deep into her nose...and Oprah fed my mother a booger, and within minutes, she cured her arthritis." He continued, "know that her used tampons cure acne."


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Bill Norton