New Lupe Fiasco Song 'Something That I Never Had' Surfaces: HOB Las Vegas Announcement

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It's only been a few months since Lupe Fiasco released "Tetsuo & Youth," now, a new track has surfaced titled, "Something That I Never Had" and it sounds like a track that should have been featured on the latest album.

(Audio Below)

"Something That I Never Had," features a deep hook while Fiasco takes on a plethora of topics ranging from religion to a mention of New York celebrating if the Knicks win.

His lyrical wordplay is extremely fresh much like majority of tracks featured on "Tetsuo & Youth." He continues to highlight the daily issues that surround humans really harping on the moral struggles that we've all gone through at least once in our lives.

Social, political and economical issues have always been a part of Fiasco's music and he's always had strong opinions on these subject matters. Recently he released a music video for "It Just Might Be Okay," a song that was featured on his debut album "Food & Liquor," according to Vibe.

The video was released to address the racial unrest following the killing of Freddie Gray.

Meanwhile, Fiasco announced that he will be performing at the Las Vegas House of Blues on June 11 for all of the West Coast fans waiting to watch Carrera Lu in action.

Listen to Lupe Fiasco's "Something That I Never Had" below.