Blink-182 Goes Old School With the 'Bored To Death' Music Video

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The brand new music video for Blink-182's comeback single "Bored To Death" is here and it's classic 90s punk with a modern day twist.

Blink-182 made their comeback in true form with "Bored To Death" which hypes up the upcoming album titled, California.

Luckily for fans the project is set to release pretty soon and the band also released a second single titled, "Rabbit Hole" featuring a little edge and a whole lot of authentic 90s punk.

With the "Bored To Death" music video, the band pretty much stuck to their roots with the skater/misunderstood teen as the subject.

#California drops July 1st - have you pre-ordered your copy yet? #BoredToDeath

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Towards the middle of the video the subject finds love and a group of friends he can relate to and by the end, he's enjoying himself at a Blink-182 concert with others who are just like him.

The overall message of the song has a "live your life" feel and is pretty uplifting once you dig deep into the lyrics.

It's a very successful first single and the video compliments it extremely well.

It's also great to see existing members, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker displaying pure passion for the music. You can watch the "Bored To Death" music video below and Blink-182's California when it releases on July 1.

Blink-182 "Bored To Death" Music Video