Unfathomed of Abyss Drops New Record 'Arisen Upon Oblivion'

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The latest from black metal band, Unfathomed of Abyss, is a new album titled Arisen Upon Oblivion.

Kevin Price, the sonic explorer of the band has put 14 years of work into the new album, creating a new, innovative sound and "black metal classic for a new generation." Take a listen to the lead track "To Unequal the Balance of the Cosmos" below as a preview to the rest of the album.

Reigning from Texas, the black metal band similar to Emperor, Abigor, Arcturus and Summoning, has whittled down over a decade of work and three hours of musical material to about an hour long for the new album. Arisen Upon Oblivion is hard hitting yet symphonic at the same time.

The album explores different lyrical concepts, touching on the transience of life, evolution of life and humanity.

With the mix of extreme guitars, bass, vocals and arrangements - this masterful piece of work is sure to please metal fans all around the globe.

Soak in the talent of Arisen Upon Oblivion and for more information visit www.unfathomedofabyss.com.