Artist Discovery: Watkins Music

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For those who love soul-infused dance music, look no further than checking out the new work of Los Angeles based brother and sister collaboration, Watkins Music.

Consisting of Asa and Airreal Watkins, the brother and sister duo just dropped their new single titled "One Life One Love", which, like their other tracks, emphasizes emotion, unique styles, upbeat lyrics and uplifting sounds. The two have spent their lives dedicated to moving the world through art, using their musical talent as their canvas.

Even individually, their resumes are profound, each accomplishing different musical crafts in both performance and production.

This new project is created and driven by family bond.

Watkins Music features collaborative productions with a number of different artists, all coming together to create a soundtrack of tunes perfect for boosting positive energy and high spirits.

Be sure to check out the work of Watkins Music below, and be on the lookout for newly released singles monthy.