August Alsina is One to Watch

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A new sound has risen out of New Orleans.

When we think of New Orleans and its music we think of the gritty streets, the violence, the booty bouncing and the music that circulates around drugs and the fast money culture.

But there is a voice rising from the NO that is changing the way we view the music. He is a street wise, unapologetic singer by the name of August Alsina. I was first introduced to August from a remix he put together from Justin and Jay Z's "suit and tie" song. I like when artists have really good visuals and the video started amazing. I was already in love with his creativity and intrigued about how he turned a song about being in a suit and tie to his love for firearms, I wanted to see more. So I continued my search. The next video I went to was a song called "Don't forget about me" which was a dedication to all the people he was doing it for.

He started talking about him having too repay his mom and that being his cause. Riding through the streets he sang passionately about change. Clips of him preparing for shows and performing were sprinkled through the video.
Looking at both of these videos have me close to being an August Alsina fan.

The full length mix tape by the name of "PRODUCT 2" is an awesome body of work. He has already drummed up features from some of musics heavy hitters like B.O.B, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz and Lloyd.

August is on a really good path. The lane for his honesty and voice is wide open for him to make his mark in music.

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