Indie Funk and Rock Band, Wetwood Smokes, Premieres New Single "Cold"

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This new and uniquely sounding funk-rock band, Wetwood Smokes, has just released and premiered their new single "Cold" via Popdose.

The band has a similar sound to that of Panic! At The Disco, with a So-Cal indie-rock feel, mixed with some funky beats. The Vinyl District describes the band's sound as "a sweet mix of pop hooks and indie rock".

To generate your own opinion on the eclectic single, listen to Wetwood Smokes below on Soundcloud.

Stepbrothers Josh Bowman and Steven Howard joined forces with childhood friend Chrystian Cano, all from Orange County, California, to form Wetwood Smokes.

The band is known to "rotate instruments like a Chinese fire drill", and found that after performing together, they had a unique sound they all enjoyed.

Wet Smokes' debut album 'Earth Tones and Red' is set to be released on June 10th, but in the meantime, be sure to listen to the newest single from this trio on the rise.

For more information on Wetwood Smokes, be sure to visit, and look for more to come from this indie-rock trio!