King Los: Wordplay and Freestyle Master

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I felt like it was about that time to express my respect and kudos to this lyricist and master of words.

King Los has been in the game for some time but with his recent collabs (like Pusha T, Diddy, Kid Ink, Wale), crazy freestyles and of course his legendary response to Kendrick's "Control" verse (which Kendrick personally praised), people are starting to recognize the mastery and talent that is King Los.

He is now signed to Bad Boy Records, through which he released his second mixtape Becoming King, back in 2012, and his very much anticipated mixtape coming out March 24th, Zero Gravity 2.

I had the honor of seeing him perform last weekend and witness the greatness of what is the flipping of words. He performed his most popular and most recent works like his Pound Cake freestyle (his cover of Drake's song) and of course his infamous Control response.

He also graced us with a few top of the dome freestyles (a small snippet below which my brother recorded ) which just shows how talented the young man is.

The crowd, me being part of them, were just mind boggled by his rhymes. We were also lucky enough to hear him spit some of his new material that will be on the upcoming mixtape, which did not disappoint.

Los is a game changer in Hip-Hop. He accentuates and utilizes the ability that you can create any type of rhyme, flip it and turn it over and still make sense. The similes, metaphors but most importantly his wordplay is beyond incredible.

His intellect truly shines when he expresses himself through his creations. You must truly listen, to every word and line in order for the whole to make sense. If not, you might just miss the greatness.

I am fortunate enough to have recently seen him live, where he killed it on the stage.

This is just the beginning for the King, and he has the right to have that title. Just take a listen and watch his insane freestyle on Sway in the Morning down below.

Check out his earlier mixtape Zero Gravity on Datpiff, his 2012 mixtape Becoming King and look forward to the new present Zero Gravity being released March 24th!