New 'Get it off tha Highway' Video

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Trae Tha Truth and Boss just released a new video via World Star Hip Hop. T.I. was excited to see this video and gave his followers a taste.

The video is already taking off and these guys are quickly rising up the ranks. Especially considering they've caught the eye of T.I.

ABN (Assholes by Nature) is a hip hop duo that have been in the game since 2003. Straight outta Houston these two have been trying to move up the ladder for years now.

Their most popular album being "It is What it is" released in 2008.

("Get it off tha Highway" Video Below)

This duo might never reach the height T.I. currently holds. The popular artist was recently rumored to be buying the Atlanta Hawks.

As it turns out T.I. has no intention of that and fired back at the rumors saying that NBA owners have no power what so ever.

(T.I. "I won't buy the Atlanta Hawks" Video Below)

World Star Hip Hop is constantly being flooded with under dog talent. Check back there for new videos being posted daily.

From funny and interesting new content it is certainly a good place to keep yourself up to date on everything in the world of hip hop.