ZAYN's 'Like I Would' Music Video is Here

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The success of ZAYN's album Mind of Mine continues to roll on and he recently brought fans a new futuristic music video for "Like I Would" to brighten things up a bit.

The futuristic music video for "Like I Would" is a cross between ZAYN's eclectic style and Tron. The neon lights flash all over as ZAYN sports dual colored contacts.

The funky video matches the smooth dance beat and sultry lyrics of the track from Mind of Mine.

Mind of Mine is ZAYN's first venture as a solo artist and he shows off his versatile style and even paid homage to his Pakistani roots at some points.

ZAYN was last seen out at the MET Gala with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. He sported a tux with a futuristic twist on the sleeves.

Mind of Mine debuted at number one on the Billboard UK chart it marked a big step in the new direction that ZAYN has been moving in after splitting up with One Direction.

ZAYN is no longer censoring himself and his music and is leading the way in a pretty fruitful path.

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Watch ZAYN's "Like I Would" Music Video