On the Radar: Petite Meller

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Native Parisian Petite Meller is a model and nuvo pop-jazz singer who's been making waves on the internet as of late.

Prior to her solo career, she was co-founder of the band Terry Poison, which opened for Depeche Mode and performed at various festivals, including SxSW. Since breaking off from the band, she has opened for Mark Ronson, Hurts, and Uffie, and has put out a number of videos.

Singles like "Backpack," "NYC Time," and "PC" (short for 'Pussy Cocaine'), feature breathy vocals layered over infectious synth beats and the occasional whine of a saxophone.

It's her videos, which are replete with sexual undertones, that have garnered the most attention however; Meller skips around in girly frocks and pigtails, cocking her head and flirtatiously batting her lashes at the camera.

In her video for "Backpack," she indulges in stacks of pancakes and lounges by a pool, accompanied by a troupe of little girls who practice smoking, applying makeup, and stuffing their shirts with grapefruits.

The combination of innocence and sexuality capture perfectly those early years of discovery and exploration, and--if you can't get past the initial discomfort--lend Meller's work a kind of charm.

With her baby voice and lolita-like aesthetic, Miss Meller is not for everyone, but she certainly brings a breath of fresh air to the pop world.

Watch the remix video for her song, "Backpack" below: