Borgore and Sikdope Release "Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse"

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Borgore teams up with Sikdope to bring you the main stage rocker that is "Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse".

Thick, nasty, big room electro with massive crowd moving authority. You'd better start jumping! Supporting DJ's are the great Steve Aoki, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, Chuckie, Swanky Tunes, 12th Planet and Kutski / BBCR1.

Israeli born Asaf Borger, aka Borgore, says of himself "my music sounds like commercial American Hip Hop and Death Metal being played through various farm animals".

His favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald and he says he is a young man following big dreams, a private beach and the Olsen twins.

When he's not controlling crowds in some of the biggest clubs across the globe, Sikdope spends his days in the studio coming up with new ways to revolutionize music. This 23-year-old Polish producer started his relationship with music at a very early age.

Attending one of the top music schools in Poland for more than 9 years has allowed Sikdope to become one of the most versatile producers in the game.

From House to Trap, this DJ/Prouder has helped pioneer the sound of electronic dance music today.

Listen to the release of "Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse" below!