Review: Cassadee Pope's New Album 'Stages'

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Cassadee Pope has been in the music industry for well over a decade now after she debuted with her band Hey Monday back in 2008.

While that band has been on hiatus ever since 2011, Cassadee Pope has transitioned to a solo country career now.

The change in genre is mainly because Cassadee Pope won Season 3 of The Voice as her mentor was Blake Shelton.

She released her first solo album called 'Frame by Frame' back in 2013 and has finally revealed her second album 'Stages' this year.

If you have been listening to Cassadee Pope for as long as I have, you may have heard the variety of genres that she has covered for the better part of a decade.

In Hey Monday the band was punk pop rock similar to the old sound that Paramore used to have.

Over the years though, her music matured and Pope has become more country sounding.

If you are a fan of Hey Monday, you may not like the new album called 'Stages' because it sounds similar to 'Frame by Frame' as it's a country pop album.

That being said, Pope has said herself that 'Stages' isn't a cookie cutter type album where everything is all happy.

The album covers her real life dramas such as her breakup with former boyfriend Rian Dawson as well as her record label dropping her among other things.

Even though her personal life hasn't all been great, Cassadee Pope has used the new album 'Stages' as a healing process.

You can tell from the songs that this is her most personal album released to date and it shows because there isn't many happy songs included here like in Frame by Frame.

The most "ballady" song in the entire album is the recently released "If My Heart Had A Heart" which really shows off Cassadee's vocal range.

The most happiest sounding song of the album is my favorite track which is called 'One More Red Light'.

The rest of the album is okay, although I have to say some of the songs start to sound the same upon repeated hearings.

There's not a huge variety in the sounds as there were in 'Frame by Frame'. Not to mention everything is country sounding so you won't here any of her old school rock songs like from Hey Monday.

Another disappointing thing about this album is that it only includes 10 real songs. The 8th track called 'Gavi' isn't really a song and just serves as a piano ballad interlude that only lasts for 89 seconds long.

It would have been nice if Cassadee Pope added more songs as I felt this album was too short.

I also still find it weird she still hasn't officially released the song 'Let Me Go' which could have easily been included here.

Overall, 'Stages' is a decent country pop album that fans of Cassadee Pope are sure to like.

I would have liked if she went back to her old pop punk rock days, but she's still concentrating on her country career instead.

Just make sure to listen to the album more than once because you can hear the passion she put into this album compared to her previous work.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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