Have You Seen Kendrick Lamar's 'U / For Sale' (God Is Gangsta) Music Video?

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2015 isn't over yet and the gifts are still rolling in. Kendrick Lamar released a brand new music video for "U / For Sale" in the form of a short film titled, "God Is Gangsta."

Lamar takes on the two powerful tracks on his own to bring fans a piece of performance art that is truly deserving of a watch. The first half of the music video is for "u," which happens to be an emotional and powerful track where Lamar struggles with his decision to leave his home and move on from the violence and vices.

Then the video transforms into a trippy love story for "For Sale." It starts out with Lamar being baptized and ends as he emerges from the water.

In the end, the video cuts and Lamar is seen walking alone in the nighttime and looking over his shoulder.

The "God Is Gangsta" short film moved from one extreme to the other showing an obvious struggle between vices, decisions and the consequences of them all. It's these two tracks that really seem to be a continuation of Lamar's message on Section.80, despite the tracks appearing on the heavily nominated To Pimp A Butterfly.

The overall sense is a struggle between light and dark and in the end it appears that Lamar chooses the path of light. You can check out the video in it's entirety below.

Watch Kendrick Lamar's "U / For Sale" God Is Gangsta music video below.