Howard Stern: "I'm Just So F---in Sick" About Oprah For President

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Today, Howard Stern continued his rant against Oprah for president. After discussing it yesterday, Stern today exclaimed how upset he was about the idea of another TV star for president.

He began his rant asking: "do you want Carrot Top?" He also said, "the people who live in America are such morons."

Howard Stern Talks Running For Governor

In discussing Oprah, Howard Stern recounted the story about when he thought about running for governor.

He said that he thought it was a good joke, "never thinking for a minute that anyone would take me seriously because I'm an idiot!"

But once polls started coming out, Stern started getting scared, because he was winning.

And then he realized he would need to release his tax returns, which he didn't want to do. So he tried to get out, because people were "so stupid, they were gonna vote for me."

Howard Stern Says Trump's First Run For President Was To Sell 'Art Of The Deal'

Howard Stern also made some news, saying that Donald Trump's first run for president was dreamt up by a PR company purely so that he could sell his book, Art of the Deal.

Although this has been said before, it was surprising for Stern to come right out and say it definitively.

Stern said that in order to run for president, "I insist that you serve" as a politician at a lower level first.

He continued, "I'm really praying to God that Oprah sits down and says 'I really don't want to be president'."

Finally, Stern said, "I am saying to Oprah directly, our country needs you to NOT run."

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