Mr. Skin Talks "Anatomy Awards" on the Howard Stern Show

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This morning, in recognition of the Oscars last night, Mr. Skin joined the Howard Stern Show to discuss his upcoming anatomy awards.  

Mr. Skin, whose website shows celebrities naked -- and takes the videos/pics from movies and videos -- discussed his website, as well as other things with Howard Stern and his staff.

One of the most interesting things Mr. Skin discussed was the fact that his mom is a "skin-tern", and she forced Mr.

Skin to remove the shower scene Schindler's List from the website. But there are plenty of dead nude bodies on the site.

At one point, Mr. Skin's mom emailed him asking "was there bush or shadow" in a certain film scene. She had to tag a film, and "her eyes aren't as good as they used to be." Mr.

Skin helped her figure it out. Mr. Skin's dad also works at the company.

Gary and Mr. Skin agreed that the top three women on the site are Reese Witherspoon, Lily James, and Gal Gadot.   The most searched women are Gal Gadot, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johannson.

Mr. Skin says that he refuses to use videos or photos that are from paparazzi or hacks.  He only uses videos from films or TV, or ads, or where the actresses are okay with being on the show.  

In terms of awards, Mr. Skin gave a total of 42 awards.  The he best film award went to a movie called Below Her Mouth.  It's a mainstream Canadian movie.  Best scene was from Atomic Blonde.  

Some other winners: Lady Gaga, and Nicole Kidman.


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Bill Norton