J Lo and Iggy Azalea Release 'Booty' Video - All Butt Shaking

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Jennifer Lopez teased the release of the long awaited video for the song 'Booty' featuring Iggy Azalea. The video dropped and my goodness there is a whole lot of booty.

Now Iggy has not been shy about flaunting what shes got, but Jennifer Lopez has really taken the high road in the booty-filled world of pop-music recently. Except that has now all changed.

In what can only be considered a response to Nicki Manaj's video 'Anaconda', the two ladies are seen shaking it for roughly the entire length of the video. The pair are clearly challenging the current booty champion to her throne.

And whereas you could argue that the days of Jennifer Lopez having the biggest booty were over, this video begs to differ.

The two female artists are shaking what their mothers gave them in basically thongs, and the 45-year-old Lopez has never looked better. We even had a hard time finding a safe image for this article.

So for everyone who has ever had a crush on Jennifer Lopez and/or Iggy Azalea, you'll be pressing the replay button alot on this one.

There is not much to the video and it portrays exactly what the title of the song is. Have a look for yourself.