Jay Brown Debuts "Get Your Fill of Feelin' Hungry" Single on Guitar World's Acoustic Nation

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Jay Brown, a singer, songwriter and musician from Asheville, North Carolina, has been creating music since before he could remember. The artist is set to release his upcoming album in early October.

To prepare for the upcoming album release of 'Beginner Mind', Brown premiered his newest single "Get Your Fill of Feelin' Hungry" on Guitar World's Acoustic Nation.
"This song was inspired by thinking back on my years spent in Boone, North Carolina," Brown explained of his new single.

"I lived simply and alone in little old cabins, happily, humbly and hungrily getting from day to day."

Jay Brown began writing music when he was in his early 20's, forming a band called The Lazybirds.

Brown still performs with The Lazybirds full-time when he isn't performing in his one-man band - consisting of himself, a guitar, a harmonica, tap shoes and a tambourine.

Another music project Jay Brown is involved in is a world music group called Shantavaani which he formed with his wife Aditi.

Being a huge and avid member of the ever-growing Asheville music scene, Brown is constantly looking for new music inspiration.

Whether it be blues or Bach, if it strikes a chord, Brown embraces it.

Take a listen to "Get Your Fill of Feelin' Hungry" below on Soundcloud, and for more information on Jay Brown, be sure to visit www.facebook.com/jaybrownmusic1.