Sister Speak Premieres New Single 'Chicago Dream' on The Vinyl Distict

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In preparation to her upcoming album release, Sister Speak has premiered her newest single "Chicago Dream" on The Vinyl District.

'Rise Up For Love', the album set to drop on September 23rd, has been described as "Mazzy Star doing a futuristic take on Stevie Nicks' work with The Heartbreakers." The Vinyl District stated the album is, "edgy Americana that isn't afraid to go deep" and "gorgeously gritty."

Sister Speak is a unique mix of different genres. Songwriter Sherri Anne incorporates blues and acoustic, indie and world pop all into one beautiful Americana sounding piece of art.

For this album, Sister Speak joined forces with producer Alan Sanderson, who has also worked with big names including Ryan Adams, Fleetwood Mac and Fiona Apple.

Sanderson worked hard and long with the band to ensure that all songs captured the emotional content of the songwriting, as well as showcasing the band's extreme talent and musical vortex.

To preview what is in store for Sister Speak's upcoming album release of 'Rise Up For Love', take a listen below to "Chicago Dream", the newest single that just premiered on The Vinyl District.

Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the late September album release for the unique and talented band.