The Weeknd Releases "Often" - Our Review

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Stumbling upon music creates one of the rawest emotions anyone can have. It's form of introduction to you can occur in any space. And that's what's great about it.

I was having my break at my job and just scrolling through Twitter. Looking around.

Through word of mouth (or word of eye in this case) I saw that someone released new music.

The Weeknd, his song called "Often."

I was more in shock than anything when I had seen the blow up since the release itself was all of a sudden.

But as soon as I processed what just happened I had to immediately listen to what he had newly released.

I grabbed my headphones so I can clearly listen to the instrumentation since I know he chooses them well.

The excitement alone made everything that wasn't the song become grey matter in that moment.

Abel has the ability to create an energy that changes a flow. From the beginning of the song to after the song.
That flow change can make something new of you.

Dark. Real. Raw.

The rawness of desire, sex, love, ecstasy, madness, sadness. This song greatly expresses those emotions with his perception.

His perception has always given me thought of how to perceive those emotions with my own aspects. His music and new song make me appreciate artistry and stimulation.

The lyrics express his escapades and physical eroticism which he describes pleasantly explicit.

Who knows what is coming next from him next lyrically, musically, personally and artistically.

While we wait and listen, let's try and flow in different patterns often. Clash the old and new perceptions and create the new flow of you.

Listen to Often by The Weeknd. Link Below: