Mac Miller Walks Out On Bar Tab

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Mac Miller visited Kelly's Bar and Lounge recently and it seems as though the party was in full swing.

That is, until it was time to leave. Empty Lighthouse has heard from a source that was at the restaurant that night and it seems as though Mac simply walked out on a very large drink/food tab.

There has been rumors in the past that Mac doesn't normally tip very well, perhaps due to a combination of age and maturity. But nevertheless, Mac drew a crowd to the small eatery in Pittsburgh and instead of making the waitresses night, he simply left without paying.

Apparently the receipt will be tapped to the back of the register like other deadbeats in the past.

Mac Miller made big news in October when he signed a reportedly $10 million deal with Warner Brothers Records.

So it would seem that even though Mac has hit a big pay day, he is not really sharing the wealth. And it's not the first time, this one was on December 5th: