Myself Belts Tries To Swim In The 'Shark Tank'

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Sometimes ideas appear on "Shark Tank" which may have a market, but it's a hard one for viewers to imagine exists. That often makes it difficult for investors to convince the Sharks of the worth of their ideas.

Myself Belts may be one of those products, but the company's owner Talia Bahr Goldfarb brought her creation to the Shark Tank Halloween night.

The belts featured on Shark Tank came about because Talia and her husband couldn't find a belt that their toddler son could fasten himself.

Talia told her sister Danielle about their dilemma. Danielle toyed with a few options and came up with the perfect solution: a patented Velcro one-handed belt closure.

Talia and Danielle worked together to create the belts seen on Shark Tank. Over the years, their business has grown to include a variety of designs and styles.

These mom-invented belts make it easy for young children to fasten the belts themselves. The belts are also easy to use for teenagers and adults with special needs and hand-dexterity difficulties.

So, basically, belts were complicated, at least too complicated for some kids and this product solves the problem, which may not really be a problem.