A Night Out: Chris and his Stylez

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One warm night I was walking around the East village of NYC, i stumbled up the DROM music venue. I read their nights itinerary and it read "a night with Bobby Valentino". Me being in love with music and what it once was, I was intrigued.

I went in a bit anxious, and I had a seat by the bar. Other patrons sitting at the bar were waiting patiently.

I ordered a drink and sat like I was getting ready to take a time machine ride back to the past.

The host/mc for the night took the stage and she was gorgeous, tall with an awesome smile (If she could only read this.. Craigslist missed connections?). She announced the first performer, and I turned my back... not interested.

The pessimistic concert goer in me knew that the first performer is usually the worst and it seemed like the other patrons were just as seasoned as me. The music started to play and the familiar notes of D'angelo's "lady" flood the venue drowning me in a sea of past memories of being in school, dedicating the words to every "crush" that I had.

Then the moment got rather serious as the performer slid on stage.

Wearing all black, like a bandit who was there to steal the hearts of all the female patrons, abducted the fans that were there for the Bobby V show. Singing the words as if he wrote them himself.

Towards the end of the song, he added a bit of the Tony! Toni! Tone! anniversary, showing his versatility and his knowledge of the soul music that came before him. He went on to perform one of his songs called "superstar", which was simply awesome and it made me feel like I was riding through the streets of Los Angeles, gazing at palm trees. During this song he signaled to the drummer/band director to bring in the reggae addition to the song that brought the place to a dancing frenzy.

The showman then pulled his camera man on to the stage to dance along side him. The crowd loved it.

He finally introduced himself and his name was Chris Stylez. He performed another song called "Return the Favour", bringing up a sexy and very sultry woman in a red dress, singing the words of his song looking deep into her eyes as if the song was tailor made for her. She wore it well if I may say so myself. He completed his set with a song called "Can I Live", speaking about the ups and downs of a relationship and how his passion and overenthusiastic work ethic was affecting his relationship. Then the moment came where I found my new idol. Stylez got completely lost in his song. Singing about getting so wrapped up in your dream, but having things not going right with a lack of rent money and no one by your side.

He was human. Not like some of the others that grace our concert stages. He made me wonder about his past, but more importantly his future potential (which I was already consulting Google about). After Chris exited the stage, a lot of the people didn't wait for the other acts.

Neither did I. I saw the headliner. It was Chris and his many Stylez.