Yelawolf Releases 'American You' Second Single Off His 'Love Story' Album

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As he continues to prepare fans for the "Love Story" album, Yelawolf drops off another single titled, "American You," to hold them over in the meantime and it's following his consistent pattern of quality releases.

Yelawolf proves his versatility time and time again and "American You" it shines all over.

His Alabama roots leads to some pretty heavy country and classic American rock and HotNewHipHop's Patrick Lyons was able to pinpoint what may have been the inspiration for this particular track.

"This time, the song bears an almost uncanny resemblance to Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" (but please don't go scrambling for your copyright lawyers, Van, we're tired of that sh*t)," says Lyons. "The Slumerican begins things acoustically, and then splices in a nice, slo-mo beat to keep things at least tangentially related to hip-hop."

Yelawolf is proud of his roots and to see him use them as a base for his new music is refreshing.

It's a new take on Hip-Hop that not all may understand, however, the true Yelawolf fans will stand behind their artist as he continues his steady stream of quality tracks before the release of "Love Story" hits the shelves and iTunes.

Head over to to listen to the new track "American You."