Larry June, OG Maco & Iamsu! Bring Fans 'Mad Now'

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More hot verses from OG Maco are surfacing by the week and today fans get another courtesy of Larry June's track "Mad Now," also featuring Iamsu! and production from Black Key Cartel.

(Audio Below)

The song is an unreleased track from June's upcoming project according to TrapsNTrunks. It features a sinister beat from Black Key Cartel and a few trippy verses from each artist to accompany it.

The standout verse comes from OG Maco, though June and Iamsu! added pretty strong verses as well.

There is no denying that Maco sounds like he is out for every emcee in his verses that are actually filled with solid content contrary to his first release "U Guessed It." In fact, that track may be the only one lacking content and it almost seems that it was just a ploy to get his foot in the door and prove that he is a solid rapper.

He is silencing anyone who jumped to the conclusion that he is simply a hype rapper creating great club music, or tracks that are only responsible for rattling your trunk and being catchy in nature.

To hear awesome verses from June, Maco and Iamsu! check out the track below.

Listen to "Mad Now" below.