Ab-Soul Delays 'Long Term 3' : 'I Have Another iiidea'

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Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" may be the talk of the Top Dawg Entertainment universe, however, TDE member Ab-Soul broke some news to his fans earlier this weekend about the possible delay of "Long Term 3" (LT3).

Before Soul broke the news to his fans via Twitter, he preluded his tweets with "Que Sera Sera," translation, "whatever will be will be." The tweet showed a bit of discontent by the artist who has been steadily hyping fans up for the release of the LT3 project.

Following the prelude was a few statements from Soul stating, "We have decided as a family that #LT3 is a bit ahead of its time, so...I have another iiidea. Don't panic!!! Trust me on this 1."

Oddly enough, the tweet that eluded to another idea had three letter i's, is this a subliminal message to fans that it really will be coming despite TDE's wishes, or is it eluding to something towards the Hiiipower nature? For now there is no further information from Soul, however, he does encourage fans to "stay ahead of the game" while providing them with a link to Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly." For the most part fans aren't too happy about the news.

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