Who is Beoga? Ed Sheeran Invites Little-Known Band To Play In Dublin

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The band Beoga may only have 6000 followers on twitter, but today there one of the biggest things in the world. That's because superstar musician Ed Sheeran invited Beoga to share the stage with him last night in Dublin.

But who is this unknown group of musicians? We got the full story on Beoga.

Beoga is a musical group based in the north of Ireland. The name of the band, Beoga, is the Gaelic word for "lively" - and they are very much lively.

Their musical styles are based in traditional Irish music, like what you hear on St. Patrick's Day. However they go far beyond those basic traditional melodies. Instead, they bring in many other types of sound -- even jazz.

Beoga beginning the early 2000's as something of a hobby.

Even though they won numerous awards and recognitions, the band never really built a large audience.

After they released their first album in 2004, their second and third later in the decade, they received attention from numerous industry publications, and were even called "the most exciting new traditional band" by the Wall Street Journal.

Nevertheless, after Ed Sheeran asked the group to perform with him live on stage last night in Ireland, they've been exploding in the headlines.

There's no question that their popularity will skyrocket now that Sheeran has given the band his approval. Sheeran sang Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan with the Beoga band members.

You can hear a tiny clip of Sheeran with Beoga here:

A post shared by Beoga (@beogamusic) on

Want to hear more of what Beoga sounds like? Check out this video:

You can check out more of Beoga and their music at beogamusic.com

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