Howard Stern Show's Bobo To Take Exam - Will He Pass Or Be Banished?

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Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern announced that Bobo will be taking his essay exam Tuesday, and we'll hear the results Wednesday.

Previously, we learned that Bobo had stolen a joke from Fox's Greg Gutfeld. Because of this, Howard decided that Bobo needed to be punished. However, he left it up to Gutfeld to decide how to punish Bobo.

The decision was made to make Bobo write an essay on plagiarism, which would be graded by a fifth grade teacher. If Bobo doesn't pass, he will be banished from the show for the winter (through March).

He will also lose the "Bobo" name. If he gets a "C" he will just have a 2 week ban, and if he gets a "D", he will just lose his name.

Howard explained on the show today that Bobo had told Schuli that he had written and memorized the essay; however Howard wasn't having any of that.

He decided to change the subject of the essay at the last minute, Bobo won't be told.

Later in The Howard Stern Show, Howard explained that Bobo is not happy about the whole situation, and "he is very freaked out." Howard then played a voicemail from Bobo:

Jason this is Bobo...Listen I'm outraged, I'm so upset that you guys are changing the whole parameters of the game. I can't believe Howard will allow 'em to do that. I mean it was all agreed that I was gonna write 750 words or approximately that on plagiarism. Now you're changing the whole title -- that's not right Jason; that's not fair. I worked so hard on this for weeks -- my family, I shut everybody out, I've been studying, I wrote a whole essay on it, which I'm gonna hand to Gary, the hardcover book.

Alright, and now you guys are gonna change the whole thing around and you're gonna strip my name Bobo. This kill [sic] me by the way, I am just so f--- miserable, you have no idea, I didn't think you guys would do that to me. I feel like I've been stepped on and kicked to the curb.

Howard said that if Bobo gets an "A" he will be named "#1 extreme fan." Bobo also left a second voicemail:

I know it's all about...doing stuff for entertainment, but you guys, you're sticking a fork in me before I even start, I mean how is that anybody gonna go in there cold and write 750 words -- that's crazy, and now you're changing the whole topic. That's not right.

Of course I'm gonna get an "F" am I gonna pass with a totally different topic. This is not right. I am just mortified, I really mean it I'm destroyed. I'm totally wrecked.

Bobo also tweeted his displeasure:

We can't wait to see what the topic will be and whether Bobo can actually write at a 5th grade level. We'll update this article when we find out.

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