DJ Khaled is Now Managed by Jay Z's Roc Nation, Major Key

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Remember all of the memorable instances in which Jay Z presented artists with the coveted Roc-A-Fella chain as part of their welcome to Roc Nation? Well, DJ Khaled happens to be the latest member and may have gotten Jay Z's personal and very last Roc-A-Fella chain.

Whether he is talking about that special cloth or dishing out some hilarious yet inspirational quotes for his fans, DJ Khaled is continuing to win on a daily basis.

Today he becomes the newest artist to fall under the management of Jay Z and Roc Nation.

The special moment was captured on video for fans to witness. Jay Z teased that he was presenting Khaled with his very last Roc-A-Fella chain before pulling it out of the pouch. He presented Khaled with the chain and it's yet another major key.

Then as if this announcement was monumental enough, the two moguls shared a toast as Jay Z rapped a couple of verses over an unknown track. It's not crazy to think that the new partnership might also bring new collaborations from the two but one thing is for sure.

DJ Khaled is continuing his meteoric rise that just doesn't seem to be peaking. You can check out the official welcome to Roc Nation in the video below.

DJ Khaled and Jay Z's Management Alert Video