Stafford Brothers Collaborates With Jay Sean & Rick Ross On 'When You Feel This'

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The Stafford Brothers are known for their high energy EDM flare, Jay Sean is known for his vocal diversity and Rick Ross is known for being a hot name in Hip-Hop.

"When You Feel this" combines all three artists in a surprise collaboration.

(Audio Below)

"When You Feel This" is an epic EDM/Trap mashup featuring a few artists that you normally wouldn't associated with each other. That's pretty much what makes this song so good.

It's a fusion of a mainly R&B style that is seen from Jay Sean and the rapping ability of Rick Ross along with the excellent production from the Stafford Brothers.

At times Ross seems as if he's falling behind in the speed of the track but it's blended so well that you can hardly notice.

The song is an instant club anthem. It's pulsing, features numerous build ups and the hook is very catchy.

You should probably expect this to be on many summer playlists especially overseas where this sound is flourishing. Rick Ross might have just gotten out on bail but he is wasting no time in jumping on hit songs.

Listen to "When You Feel This" below.