Adidas Thanks Kanye West After Another Set of Tweets

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By now we're getting use to the two sides of Kanye West.

It seems that just when he has said something pretty outlandish, he comes in with another tweet pushing positivity. Earlier, today Kanye took to Twitter to thank Adidas for the difference they have made and the company replied.

The Adidas account thanked Kanye in a simple tweet below. The tweet came in response to another slew of tweets from Kanye who expressed his appreciation for Adidas.

He said that Adidas supported his creative vision and that they made a big difference.

He revealed that Adidas gave him the resources he needed to put on the "amazing" show at Madison Square Garden where he showcased his Yeezy Season 3 line of clothing and footwear.

Kanye told fans that Adidas let him dream without limits and that because of them he saw so many people inspired, which was what he wanted to do all along.

This comes after Kanye tweeted how much he loved white people but asked all white publications to stop commenting on black music.

Of course West has also been in the news for his recently reignited fued with Taylor Swift which she addressed during her acceptance speech at the 2016 Grammy's after winning the award for Album of The Year.

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