The Echo Friendly Premeires "Nightmares"

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The Echo Friendly is an interesting band, for the talent behind the music is an on-and-off couple.

Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper "take an unusually honest approach to the trials and tribulations of breaking up" in their music, which certainly can be seen through the work of their newest single "Nightmares".

The Echo Friendly's debut album is full of songs about relationships and chronicles an ambiguous friendship filled with tension and second-guessing.

The duo touches base on the difficulty in relationships of staying close to someone who you used to be closer with, which is a relatable subject to many couples in their young adult years.

The duo together has a strong bond over their love for music.

Both Rabinbach and Esper find a common ground for their love of 90's indie-rock music and for Memphis, the home of rock-and-roll.

It was in Memphis where the duo and on-and-off couple rekindled their relationship and decided to record their debut album.

If you are a fan of indie-rock tunes and always looking for your music to speak to you specifically about certain situations, be sure to check out the latest release "Nightmares" from The Echo Friendly.

"There are infinite songs about relationships, but rarely do we come across an interplay of music and love as symbolic and unabashedly co-dependent as it does in the work of The Echo Friendly", states a recent press release about the duo's music talent and work.

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