Heidi Howe Prepares for 'Be Good' Album Release

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Come early February, Heidi Howe, an alternative-country singer from the heart of Louisville, Kentucky, will be releasing her upcoming album 'Be Good'.

Howe has really made a name for herself in the alternative and country music industries in the past few years.

The talented artist has toured nationally, opening up for big-time country artists including Todd Snider, Jason Ringenberg, Paul Thorn, Stacey Earle, The Be Good Tanyas, Jerry Douglas, Billy Joe Shaver, Kim Richey, The Wood Brothers, Tim Krekel, Rosie Flores, Holly Williams, Tommy Womack - the list goes on and on! She also placed first in the WAMZ battle of the bands and has pitched songs and performed at some of Nashville's largest concert halls.

This lady is definitely on her way to the top, and with her upcoming album release, there is no bringing her down!

Heidi Howe has a unique sound that she delivers to the music scene.

Think a mix between Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper and Natalie Maines together - talk about girl power to the extreme! The "little girl with the big red guitar" has been compared to all of the leading lady superstars, certainly an extreme accomplishment for the rising singer and songwriter.

Howe released her debut album 'Nature of My Wrongs' in 1999. It was then that higher-ups in the industry, along with music listeners began to notice Heidi for her powerful voice and moving lyrics of her songs.

The album reached much success and received raving reviews from critics around the country.

Since then, Howe has released six solo releases and seven studio albums. Now, Heidi is gearing up for the release of her newest album 'Be Good', her eighth studio album she has produced on her own.

"If there's a theme for this album, I suppose it's addiction," Howe stated about her upcoming album release of 'Be Good'. "My own addictions and those of other people I love and have loved.

It's not a recovery themed compilation of songs by any means, but my personal experiences have certainly influenced my writing.

Ultimately, it's my goal to make smart, twangy music that helps me, and hopefully others, get through rough patches and celebrate the good in life."

And that's exactly what the album is - heart-wrenching, helpful and hopeful.

Heidi Howe has the ability to connect with listeners through her powerful lyrics, and has recently stated that she would "rather play to ten people who will listen than to 200 people who consider me a jukebox." Her fans are true and loyal, passionate about her music and always supportive.

Who can't be with such a talent like this?

Watch the newest video for Heidi Howe's lead single "Kind of Crazy" on YouTube below, and be sure to check out the talented female vocalist and songwriter's upcoming album 'Be Good', out February 2nd! She also plans on hitting the road and performing on stage again with her 'Be Good' tour.

For more information, visit www.heidihowe.com!