Periphery Debuts New Track 'Graveless' from Juggernaut

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2015 is almost here, which--if you're a metal fan--means one thing: Periphery's new double album is almost here.

Titled Juggernaut Alpha and Juggernaut Omega, the band has been teasing tracks from the album for a few months. Yesterday, they premiered "Graveless," which grooves and shreds in a fashion that you would expect from the popular djent band.

The breakdown sounds similar to the one in "Masamune," the closing track from Periphery II: This Time It's Personal.

Juggernaut Alpha and Juggernaut Omega will be the band's first release since the Clear EP earlier this year, which was an experimental project where each member got total creative control over one track on the record.

In addition to the album, Periphery will be kicking off a tour with Nothing More, Wovenwar, and Thank You Scientist the same month, according to Metal Sucks. It will be the band's first time on the road since their "Escape from the Studio" tour--a series of concerts they did with Toothgrinder, Intervals, and The Contortionist.

It was during this tour that they announced the completion of Juggernaut Alpha and Juggernaut Omega.

The new album is due out on January 27 from Sumerian Records. For more about Periphery, visit the band's official website here.