One Direction's 'No Control' is On Billboard's Song of the Summer Poll

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After having a successful turn out for the Thunder Clap Project, fans focused on getting "No Control" on Billboard's Song of the Summer poll.

The fans of One Direction have been campaigning to turn the song "No Control" into a single and now it's making a bid for song of the summer.

A couple of days ago an article was written about why ''No Control'' should be a single.

The boys have included their support, mainly Louis Tomlinson who's been painted as the frontman for this song.

Tomlinson has also been answering questions about the project at recent public events like The Late Show with James Cameron and after the Billboard awards.

Fans went quite for a few days after the end of the No Control Project. Which got 6893% of goal supported and reached 55,383,289 people.

It was the fifth most supported project on thunderclap on it's final day. Recently, they had #NoControlOnRadioKissKiss trending worldwide.

For Billboard's Song of the Summer Poll, fans used the "other" selection to their advantage.

They spread the word through social media outlets such as Twitter, and Tumblr. Until the "other" selection capped out at 5,000 votes, though there were probably more votes casted.

As of today, it's officially been added to the poll.

Even now as a new addition the song has 24, 458 votes and is second only to the Skrillx and Justin Bieber song "Where Are You Now." Edit: the number is now over 100,000 votes and No Control has the lead.

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