Pigeon John Announces Spring Tour

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Pigeon John talks like a guy freshly arrived on the scene instead of an artist with a five-album catalog, a string of hits and a passionate following that spans two continents.

"I'm still trying to find my voice," says the man born John Kenneth Dunkin.

"That's always been the mission -- getting deeper, shedding off the layers -- and that's never really stopped." The singer-songwriter-rapper is in many ways still the same kid who more than a decade ago sprang from the Project Blowed open-mic scene at the Good Life Cafe in South Central Los Angeles: inventing, reinventing, exploring, taking risks, surviving the peaks and valleys and turning it all into something musically memorable.

Known to longtime fans as the underground hero with the easy smile and clever flow, Pigeon John raised his international profile when his single "The Bomb" became the theme of a Volkswagen commercial.

True to the song's chorus, it blew up in Europe, becoming a Top 25 hit and selling some 80,000 singles.

And stateside audiences have found his music in spots for Taco Bell and Propel water, the film "Fun Size" and TV programs such as "Chuck," "Ellen" and the Cartoon Network's "Level Up."

Pigeon John also guested on French turntablists C2C's double-platinum 2012 album, "Tetra," and spent much of the past year and a half touring with them, playing to headlining crowds of 6,000 and festival crowds of 25,000-plus.

"The Bomb's" infectious bounce was typical of Pigeon John's 2010 album, "Dragon Slayer" (Quannum Records), which combined pop and hip-hop in a way that made the songwriter's often-hilarious lyrics unforgettable.

From couplet to couplet, John can vary between self-deprecating, self-revealing and self-serving, but he's never boring.

Catch Pigeon John this Spring when he hits the road on a star-studded tour featuring The Grouch & Eligh, Madchild, Eliot Lipp, and DJ Fresh. - via Tell All Your Friends PR.