Lakefield to Release Final EP 'Swan Songs'

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The indie-pop and indie-rock band from Vancouver, Lakefield, is set to release their newest EP 'Swan Songs' this Valentine's Day, February 14th.

For those who are fans of the soothing sounds of Death Cab for Cutie, Mates of State and Stars, you are sure to fall in love with this release cupid is shooting us with.

Lakefield consists of five longtime friends - Kate Rossiter on vocals and keys, Steven Luscher on vocals and guitar, Kyle Sulyma on bass, Bryan Chiu on guitar and Paul Teehan on drums. Their relationship as a group of friends has been described as complicated.

The band released a full length debut album and performed over 25 live shows, and though they have faced many musical battles in the industry, they are now they are back to "write their final chapter, pull up the covers and blow out the light".

'Swan Songs' was recorded on two continents and against impossible odds.

The foundation of the album was laid down by Teehan, the drummer, in London at The Limehouse, while the remaining members did their job of building the release in their own homes in Vancouver.

After listening to 'Swan Songs', I felt a sense of calm and serenity.

It is the perfect soundtrack for those looking to practice working and taking a look into bettering themselves, with soft and easy sounding rhythms and lyrics.

Like swans, the songs are elegant and poised - nothing is wrong and all is easy.

Lakefield will not be releasing any more material after 'Swan Songs' is released in mid-February.

They got the name for their upcoming album because of this, and due to the fact that mute swans are "beautiful, but hindered - they can not fly, nor migrate because their wing tendons have been clipped, and like them, Lakefield will never take flight again".

The indie band is leaving their fans and audiences with this last record release of 'Swan Songs', with love.

The lead single of Lakefield's new album is "Good Guy", and can be heard on Soundcloud at

To learn more about Lakefield's journey as a band, visit, and catch a copy of 'Swan Songs' our February 14th.