Cara Quici Interview: A Sensation

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Cara Quici is something a force right now. Born and raised in Texas, she is making waves in the heavily saturated U.S music scene.

Her single 'Fight' has over a million views on YouTube and she is widely followed on social media for her music (it's easy to see why).

Beyond the MAJOR good looks, Cara is multi-talented and should be appreciated as such. Empty Lighthouse got the opportunity to ask Cara a few questions:

Empty Lighthouse: You are one of the hardest working up and comers in music, can you describe a typical day?
Cara Quici: A typical day for me includes administrative work in the morning for my label "QMH Records", which I own. Then, in the afternoon I focus on interviews and writing new music or recording.

I also get in a work out 3 days a week during lunchtime.

Empty Lighthouse: Your single 'Fight' has gotten you a lot of attention, what do you have for us next?
Cara Quici: Great question! I'm currently working on my EP, which most likely is going to turn into a full-blown album. I've been writing and recording for over a year, and I'll be writing all summer long! I'm looking forward to recording my album this September in Austin, Texas.

The first single off the album will be released this Fall/Winter.

Empty Lighthouse: Who's a dream musical collaboration for you?
Cara Quici: Justin Timberlake

Empty Lighthouse: Do you think it's important for modern musicians to be multi-talented?
Cara Quici: Of course! I mean, think of Glee, Les Miserables or Broadway! As a musician there are many opportunities to express one's self in a theatre role or TV and Film.

Theatre is a huge passion of mine and I look forward to doing a musical or Broadway show one day! I also study acting.

Empty Lighthouse: Has anything embarrassing or crazy happened to you while performing on stage?
Cara Quici: Yes.

As most musicians have experienced, I've had sound issues and that is never fun! In a way, it's also a good experience because as an artist you learn how to "control" those situations while on stage.

Empty Lighthouse: How do you get around being thought of as just another pop star?
Cara Quici:I stick to my roots and for me, it's always about the music. I also experiment with music and don't classify myself as "pop." For me, it's just MUSIC! My upcoming album will have a lot of surprises for everyone and it will be apparent I'm not just another pop singer.

It's raw, heartfelt music.

Empty Lighthouse: Who is your favorite visual artist (painting, sculpting)?
Cara Quici: Nicola Quici

Empty Lighthouse: What can we look forward to this year from you?
Cara Quici: The first single off my long awaited album, which will be a TOP 40 radio release.

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