Howard Stern Gives Bobo His Test Results: Is He Banished? (Listen)

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Today was Howard Stern's last episode of The Howard Stern Show before Christmas: the Christmas Spectacular. Howard had on guests including David Letterman, Perez Hilton, Amy Schumer, Nick Cannon, Beetlejuice, and of course, Bobo to celebrate the occasion.

After talking to an extremely racist-sounding David Letterman, Howard took a call from Ed the "a-- napkin" guy, who talked about a hook up he had, as well as having sex with a jar of peanut butter.

Next, JDini came on with some predictions. And then the crew planned their bets on whether Bobo would pass the essay exam.

Howard and the crew spent 20 minutes deciding on bets on Bobo's essay score. Eventually, they brought in the proctor for Bobo's exam, who explained her grading system.

Bobo would fail if he got a 43 or below. Howard decided not to bet.

Howard Stern Gives Bobo His Grade

Howard Stern then brought Bobo on the show, where he read an open letter of apology to both Greg Gutffeld and Howard.

In the apology, he begged to keep his Bobo name: "I need at this point to leave my legacy to all of my children, and if you take that away I will be forever lost with my connection to [the show]."

The proctor explained that she "enjoyed Bobo" before giving out the grade. She then discussed individual grading rubrics.

It turns out there were not very many spelling mistakes.

His grammar, however, was "a source of difficulty...there's a lot of irregularities with verb tense and subject/verb agreement." And he didn't have enough words: only 536. Still, that is not an automatic failure.

The proctor also said that Bobo did not support his argument well in his essay. There was one supporting argument written several different ways.

You can listen to Bobo reading his essay here:

So what did Bobo get? Bobo ended up getting a total of 66%, which is a "D." So Bobo has lost his name, and he is banned from calling for a while.

In response, Bobo said that "this will kill me." In response, Howard said "you're still a terrible one can take that away from you."

You can hear his response here:

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