XXXTENTACION Shocks During First Interview, Talks Girth, Coffins, Drake (Watch)

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XXXTENTACION was on Miami's 103.5 The Beat radio last night and revealed tons of shocking information about himself and his music.

Given how little has been known about X until now, there were quite a few interesting tidbits in the interview. Here are some of the most interesting:

XXXTENTACION Out of Jail, Explains Name

XXXTENTACION was released from prison on March 27th. He had been sentenced to jail last years after multiple incidents, including robbery and assault. He was expected to get out earlier -- but he didn't.

X said that he planned to come out of a coffin and pretend he was coming back from the dead. He said he feels like he's dead. "I'm alive but I'm dead."

A part of him died, he says. "I'm very pessimistic" after spending 9 months in jail.

He said he was in an explosive relationship, and he claimed that his ex f---ed him over. He explained that "this girl became my drug." He said because he didn't have his mom, his ex "filled the void."

All About the Name

He was asked in the interview what he wanted to be called. He originally said he liked to be called 'young dagger dick,' but when the host K. Foxx refused, he explained his name: XXXTENTACION means unknown temptation. He said that "for some time, X was the only unknown numeral" like a John Doe.

Why three Xs? He doesn't know. He said he used to get off in his grandma's house a lot and came up with the name during that.

Later, X talked about the 'dagger dick' name, explaining that he's like 8 or 9 inches but has no girth, so there's no "friction." He says he's a pleaser.

Giving Back

X is trying to give back by taking people to fill

XXXTENTACION on Depression, Mental Illness

XXXTENTACION says his mom had him when she was 17, and he lived with random people.

He says he'd take a bullet for his mom. He doesn't want to say he was really on the streets, because he tried to stay away from guns and selling drugs.

He was depressed his whole life, and would sleep heavily. He said that he had a mental illness.

He escaped through music -- hip hop as well as rock and even classical. When making music, he purposely tries to distort it in order to sound raw, and innovative.

At one point in the interview, he got really deep. He talked about past lives and repeating lives. He also talked about how slavery is still there, although it's no longer physical -- it's mental.

XXXTENTACION says he has such a following because "I know what it feels like to be alone...I know what it feels like when you wake up somewhere where you're not supposed to be, around people you're not supposed to be around." He said he was on the verge of wanting to end it all, but he was too scared to do it.

And he wants to help his fans who feel the same way, and help them get better via their music.


XXXTENTACION said that Drake hit up a D.J. that he fought with. X says he was told that Drake wanted to work with him, and that even though he doesn't respect Drake as a man, he respects him as someone who can bring in money.

XXXTENTACION said that Drake didn't call his manager, and the same week he dropped his video.

At the time, X was in jail, and he got a call from his friend. You can hear a mashup of X vs Drake's songs online.

X said about Drake, "I think...he's not a man...I think he's a bitch...especially when I was in jail facing life....if Drake had come to my bond hearing, that would have made my f--day...if he would have shown that he was a hospitable person, and that he's really in this s---- for the culture...I would have let him hop on the remix and take 100% royalties....Drake's not a real n---."

Watch the whole interview here: