Not Even Jail Can Stop Desiigner From Speaking In Ad-libs

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Ladies and gentlemen this may be the greatest ad-libber of all time. Desiigner was seen after his release and before you even saw him on camera, you could hear his signature ad-libs.

"They try to keep me in there you feel me, but when you're doing it right and keeping it positive they can't lock you down," said Desiigner in the video below.

He also added some more ad-libs so you know he's feeling really good about his odds of leaving this mishap behind him. He got into his BMW i8 and off her went continuing to set off ad-libs.

"The 19-year-old rapper performed 'Panda' at the Alexander Wang after-party during NY Fashion Week, and you couldn't tell he had been sprung from the pokey just hours before," according to TMZ.

"After his release, Desiigner posted a video scoffing at authorities, saying he doesn't do the stuff for which he was accused anymore."

Nothing can stop Desiigner right now as the G.O.O.D. Music artist continues to rise above the critics and those trying to bring him down.

Watch Desiigner Speak In Ad-libs After Getting Released From Jail