Post Malone and His Girlfriend Sit Down With The Breakfast Club Again

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After what appeared to be a pretty awkward first interview with The Breakfast Club, minus Angela Yee, Post Malone and his girlfriend were back on the show for what was a much more normal yet insightful interview.

In the opening of the interview, Yee apologized for the rough first interview but everyone was quickly past it and on to the more hard-hitting questions.

Charlamagne Tha God asked Malone what the hardest part of the industry has been and Malone said it was tough balancing music and his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, in terms of the negativity against his music, Malone said he is just making music and he has alcohol for that. Meanwhile, Malone admitted that he and Bieber were trolling the world with the stunts that had the media thinking the two were fighting on their tour.

The artist also said that he thinks Bieber is a real person, genuine, sweet and misunderstood.

Other big topics in Malone's interview included the delay of his album, the genres of music that he touches upon and much more. You can watch the entire interview with Post Malone and The Breakfast Club in the video below.

Post Malone and His Girlfriend Sit Down With The Breakfast Club Again